Fixer Upper’s 1 Million Dollar Tiny House

July 11, 2017

Check out this tiny home from Fixer upper, listed for $1,000,000 in Waco, Texas! However, lucky for you guys, this home’s owners are currently renting is out for $325/night!

According to Curbed, the home measures approximately 1,000 sq. ft., and is a more luxurious getaway than your average hotel.

When you walk into the house, you will find yourself in the living room furnished with a grey couch, wood coffee table, 2 accent chairs and a flat screen TV mounted on the wall across from the couch.

To the left of the living room is the kitchen. This kitchen is a cook’s delight featuring a 4-burner range with oven, refrigerator, cookware, plenty of counter space along the walls and a huge island with a built in sink.

Across from the island is a staircase leading up to the lofted office space. This office is furnished with a comfy futon and a work desk.

Past the kitchen is the large bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom has plenty of storage space in the long vanity, a deep sink, large walk-in shower with a luxury showerhead and beautiful lighting fixtures like those seen throughout the rest of the house.

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Via Curbed

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  1. Whaaaat??? $1MIL for a tiny home in Waco Texas?? Isn't that bastardizing the entire concept of tiny homes being afordable?

    1. I TOTALLY agree!!!!! It's ridiculous!!!!

  2. These high priced "tiny houses" is just a slap in the face to the Tiny House Movement. This should be illegal to charge such prices, whatever happened to price per sq. ft. OOPs, that went out the door when people got smart and started going tiny, but how else would money-hungry hounds make their millions!!! I will not fall into the trap of such foolishness, I will be building my own, no matter how long it takes me. Tiny houses were being built for less than $20,000, now they are in excess of $1,000,000.00. REALLY!!!!

  3. The U$1 million must be a typo or just something to steer people into the site...I live in Miami/FL where real estate has crazy prices and U$1 million stills buy a lot of modern furnished turn key homes in beautiful neighborhoods .... but why stop at U$1 million "asking price". ... print U$7 million or a cool U$10 million.

  4. Why don't people realize that prices vary? Someone in Arizona couldn't afford my shed. It doesn't make me wealthier necessarily, it's just what the market is there vs here. If the average person there makes $50K/yr they can buy a $200K house. If they make $600K a year here, a million isn't an issue.
    The difference is that $1M house here is often still 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. We earn a lot more so it's not a big deal. A million dollar house in Oklahoma is probably the size of...well, Oklahoma.
    This isn't complicated, folks. It's called a scale.

    My point is: they can't afford crown molding?

  5. My issue is that you reach out and open the refrigerator with your left hand, reach in and get out whatever, then what? Drop it on the floor? After a million bucks why didn't they spring for a refrigerator with the correct orientation? It is a cute house, but way over priced. And "scale" doesn't apply as $1,000,000 in Waco will buy way yonder more house than this, complete with a fixed staircase and a sidewalk that leads somewhere. Some people have more dollars than sense, I guess.

  6. Just because you list it for 1 million dollars does not mean someone is going to pay that much. But if someone does, then the price would have been just right. I cannot believe someone would actually say they think it should be illegal to list a house for what you want regardless of how ridiculous the price is.

  7. The very best way to get annoying people to stop knocking at your door and asking 'How much will you sell the place for? I need to live here!' is to ask for an outrageous price beyond what the market currently supports. Easy peasy.


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