Foster Geometric Cabin (575 Sq.Ft.)

June 22, 2023

Foster, RI // 575 Sq Ft // $459,000 // For Sale

Located in Foster, Rhode Island, on a sprawling 7.15-acre property, this architecturally notable and award-winning modern cottage offers a serene artist's retreat surrounded by meticulously curated gardens. Designed by the architecture firm 3SIXØ, this exceptional offering invites you to find inspiration, relax, and engage in a variety of activities, from writing your novel to stargazing, kayaking, and hiking.

Despite its compact size of 575 square feet, this cottage provides a thoughtfully designed space where every detail has been carefully considered. Featured in esteemed publications such as Dwell magazine and RI Magazine, and designed by architect Jack Ryan, this cottage showcases exceptional craftsmanship and a unique geometric design that resembles a gemologist shaping a stone.

The exterior of the cottage is clad in Alaska yellow cedar, chosen for both its natural beauty and its ability to age gracefully over time. The untreated wooden shingles contribute to the rustic charm of the cottage. Inside, the walls and ceilings feature painted pine boards that complement the exterior shingles, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

The cottage embraces efficiency and sustainability, featuring hydronic radiant floor heating and ductless air conditioning. The use of cedar, oak, and soapstone finishes adds warmth and character to the space. The north wall of the cottage houses a cozy sleeping niche with enough space for a queen-sized mattress. Storage drawers are cleverly integrated beneath the raised bed, maximizing the functionality of the compact layout.

During the winter months, a wood-burning stove located on the western edge of the cottage provides warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere. The cottage has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a harmonious connection with its natural surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the woods while living quietly and peacefully.

Beyond the cottage's tranquil setting, the surrounding area offers a wealth of attractions to explore. Just minutes away, you'll discover the picturesque Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge and have the opportunity to fall in love with the Audubon Woodland. With its convenient location, this retreat is only a thirty-minute drive from the city, providing a perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility.

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