Russian River Cabin (864 Sq.Ft.)

July 02, 2023

The Russian River Studio, located in Forestville, CA, is a stunning creation designed by Cathy Schwabe Architecture and built in 2009. This 864-square-foot building was specifically designed for a photographer and a writer, serving as a versatile space for various creative endeavors. It was envisioned as a multi-purpose area for painting, drawing, writing, photography, workshops, holiday meals, and even accommodating overflow guests.

The exterior of the studio features a combination of materials and design elements. Metal siding wraps around the east end of the house, providing protection from the shaded north side and seamlessly transitioning to the porch-covered entry. The rest of the walls are clad in wood board-and-batten siding, adding warmth and texture to the overall aesthetic. The design also includes large, colorful wall panels inside the studio, serving as accents against the otherwise white walls and opening up to reveal different workspaces.

Inside, the studio offers a spacious and light-filled primary space. The polished concrete floors and exposed wood framing create a modern and inviting atmosphere. The ceiling, painted in a soothing blue hue, adds a touch of color and character to the space. The layout of the studio is designed to accommodate the various needs of the artists, with dedicated spaces such as a photo darkroom and individual work areas. Flexibility was also a key consideration, allowing for easy adaptation of the space for different activities and group gatherings.

The studio is organized around a simple diagram, with a narrow spine of enclosed spaces beneath a storage loft. This spine is partially below the uphill grade, providing stability and anchoring the larger primary room. A retaining wall at the back and entry end of the spine extends into the site, framing an outdoor terrace and entry path.

Drawing inspiration from the local agricultural vernacular, particularly the Sonoma barns, the studio's form and exterior materials reflect this influence. The primary shed roof is interrupted at the east end by a rotated lower shed roof, creating an interesting architectural element over the entry porch. Both roofs are clad in corrugated metal, chosen for its durability and ability to withstand dampness and shade. Corrugated metal is also used for the siding on the north and east end walls, defining the spine of the studio. The remaining walls feature re-sawn cedar boards and battens, adding a natural and rustic touch to the design.

The Russian River Studio is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space that harmonizes with its surroundings while providing a versatile and inspiring environment for artistic pursuits.

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