Greenbay 2 By Linwood Homes (1,433 Sq.Ft.)

August 16, 2023

The Greenbay 2 is a residential construction by Linwood Homes located in Delta, BC. This model features a combination of modern design and practical layout. Covering a space of 1433 square feet, it includes a kitchen, living room, dining nook, two bedrooms, and a flexible space that can serve as an office or an additional bedroom.

Designed in the Post & Beam architectural style, the Greenbay 2 showcases enduring aesthetics with its multiple-beam roof design and vaulted ceilings. The main floor ceilings measure 8 feet in height, while the upper floor boasts vaulted and raised ceilings.

This residence offers a practical arrangement with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, accommodating both personal privacy and communal living. The flexible space adds versatility to the layout, allowing residents to customize their living space as needed.

Linwood Homes' attention to detail is evident throughout the construction. The kitchen is well-equipped, and the living spaces beneath the vaulted ceilings create an open and inviting atmosphere.

In essence, the Greenbay 2 is a functional residential design that merges contemporary living needs with architectural practicality. It presents a balanced living environment without excessive frills.

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Images via Linwood Homes

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